Niner EMD 9 Bicycle with Custom Hand-Built Wheels

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Big wheels are becoming a big deal! By decreasing the tire's surface contact angle, 29-inch wheels offer a smooth, fast ride, letting you roll over large obstacles quickly and easily. Larger wheels also give you a larger contact patch between the ground and tire, improving traction for cornering and climbing and letting you float through mud and sand. By placing your center of gravity lower, relative to the wheel axles, 29er's are more stable. The next development of mountain bikes has arrived and its your turn to lead the pack. The only mountain bike company dedicated solely to the 29-inch wheel concept, Niner's E.M.D. 9 is the weapon you need to confidently say to your riding buddies "Eat My Dust". Built with a custom hydroformed tubing aluminum tube set, the E.M.D.9's chain and seat stays feature proprietary bends to increase tire clearance while maintaining heel clearance. Newly redesigned to integrate custom hydroformed tubing and a tapered headtube, the E.M.D. 9 is a worthy little brother to the Air 9. In addition, the E.M.D. 9 uses Niner's race-tested and confidence-inspiring geometry that works flawlessly with either 80mm or 100mm suspension forks. 2 year warranty.

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