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NOX TPP Tubeless Tape 24mm



The NOX 24mm TPP Tubeless Tape is a tensilized polypropylene (TPP) tape NOX recommends using with the NOX Skyline and XCR rims. NOX rims are designed to be run tubeless without the need for a thick, heavy rimstrip. This tape is thin and extremely lightweight yet surprisingly durable. The 24mm width is recommended for the XCR or Skyline rims, 26mm width is for Teocalli rims, and the 30mm width is for the AM or Farlow rims. This tape can also be used as a lightweight rim tape (with tubes) as long as the pressure is kept below 40 psi. We recommend replacing your rim tape yearly or more often if you change tires frequently. 5 grams per wheel. 10 yards. 24mm width for Skyline and XCR rims.

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NOX TPP Tubeless Tape 24mm