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Nox Falkor 55R Carbon Road Rim



The NOX Falkor 55R Road Carbon Rim is a CFD and tunnel proven lightweight deep carbon clincher for road racing, triathlons and just riding fast. The Falkor 55 rim is the result of a new design process NOX calls Weighted Performance Matrix (WPM). WPM is an internal process in which all aspects of a rim are evaluated during the design phase. Design parameters include the type of bike it will be on, the terrain, the hubs it will be built with, typical head and cross winds, tire sizes, average rider weight and more. In the end NOX ended up with a matrix with over 20 parameters and use this to fine tune aspects of the rim so that the performance is optimized for the specific application. In short, the science drives the design rather than the marketing department. Every aspect of the Falkor rims from the rim profile to the carbon layup schedule to the spoke exit angle is designed using this philosophy. The Falkor 55R is aerodynamically optimized for 25mm tires, however tires ranging from 23-28mm will fit without problems. The inner width of 18mm and the outer width of 28mm create a seamless tire to rim transition at 25mm which is the key to maintaining laminar airflow around the leading and trailing edge of the rim. The use of a lightweight 25mm tire will also lower rolling resistance over most real-world road surfaces resulting the in the fastest combination. The Falkor 55R features NOX 2nd generation rim brake surface. The 12K fabric weave on the brake track is not just visually striking; it works in conjunction with the 2nd generation high temperature resin to provide more consistent modulation and brake pad friction while dissipating extreme temperatures better than any other rim NOX tested. The Falkor 55R can be run with tubes or is compatible with tubeless road tires. NOX recommend using Swiss Stop Black Prince EVO pads exclusively with NOX rims. Rim features 28mm external width, 18mm internal and 55mm depth. Lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy.

Weight:515 grams
Drilling:20, 24, 28, or 32 hole
Tubeless Compatible
Rim Brake

Model Number
Falkor 55R
Item Code
Nox Falkor 55R Carbon Road Rim