Park Tool BBT-30.4 BB30 Bearing Install/Removal Tool

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Park Tool BBT-30.4 BB30 Bearing Install/Removal Tool
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Two new bottom bracket standards are rapidly gaining acceptance in the bicycle industry. “BB30” and “Shimano Press Fit” (“BB90”) bottom bracket systems allow bearings to be pressed directly into an oversized bottom bracket shell, eliminating the need for threaded bottom bracket cups. The Park Tool BBT-39 Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set is designed for installation and removal of the bearings used in these new bottom bracket systems. The BBT-39 includes two bushing sets, which are used in conjunction with a Park Tool Bearing Cup Press (HHP-2 or HHP-3), to precisely press the BB30 and BB90 bearings into the bottom bracket shell. The BBT-39 also includes a removal tool for pushing the BB30 system bearings from the bottom bracket shell (because of the design and light press fit of the bearings, a special removal tool is not needed for the BB90 system).

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Brand Park Tool
Manufacturer Part Number BBT-30.4
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