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Pioneer Left-Arm Power Installation Kit

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The Pioneer Left Arm Power Installation Kit enables cyclists to ride with power in a few easy steps. Pack your left crank arm and ship it directly to Pioneer's installation center where the advanced power meter technology is installed. Pioneer has a proven system performing the ship, install, and return procedure and facilitates a quick turn-around of the consumer's crank arm with power meter. Throughout the entire process Pioneer keeps in constant communication. Now compatible with Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 and Ultegra R8000 crank arms, the consumer kit requires no new investment in another crank arm. Pioneer measures pedaling forces every 30 degrees, for 12 points of measurement per revolution. However, within those 12 points, Pioneer scans those pedaling forces an incredible 16 times, for an unbelievable 192 data points each rotation of the crank! This level of measurement is what leads to the accuracy of Pioneer power meters, as well as the basis for HDPower Metrics analysis. Compatible with Blue Tooth Low Energy and ANT+ Cycle Computers.


  • Power Meter Upgrade Kit for Consumer Supplied Left Crank Arms
  • Compatible with DURA-ACE 9100, or ULTEGRA R8000
  • No new crank arm investment needed
  • Ship existing left crank arm to Pioneer for factory installation and calibration
  • Pre-paid return shipment

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Pioneer Left-Arm Power Installation Kit