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Shimano PRO CNC Telescopic Minipump


This product is currently out of stock but should be available again soon.

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The PRO CNC Telescopic Minipump is the most compact and streamlined pump that you'll ever see. This lightweight little guy is smoothly CNC'd from AL-6061and is outfitted with magnet couplers to keep it tight, when not in use. At only 13cm long, this pump gets up to 120 psi and a max stroke volume of 21cm3, to fill large mountain tires. A 55° pump head angle improves ergonomics, so you can comfortably hold the wheel while getting maximum stroke volume. A pump head lock, ensures a tight seal to the valve. This tool is smartly concealed on your frame with a lightweight bottle cage mount. Fits Presta/ Schrader. 80g.

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Shimano PRO CNC Telescopic Minipump