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Project 321 ISO Disc Front Hub Boost 15mm TA



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The Project 321 ISO Disc Front Hub is a precision engineered work of art that provides everything you could want out of a hub. Thanks to large, equally sized flanges it builds a very strong wheel with an excellent high-low side tension ratio. Lightening holes on the drive side flange create a brilliant aesthetic while also shaving a few grams off. In addition, it still has all of the features that make all Project 321 hubs great such as angled flanges, formed rotor bolt threads, and easy serviceability. The angled flanges allow the spokes to touch the hub only at the bend and nowhere else. This creates a more stable and true wheel and eliminates any unnecessary stress on the spokes. Rotor bolt holes are form tapped which creates a stronger, cleaner thread than the more common method of cut tapping. 10 year hub shell warranty and 5 year end cap warranty (For original owner only; does not apply to anodize fading). Project 321 hubs feature a CNC engraved logo and comes standard with 2 high precision Japanese cartridge bearings. Available in all 10 color options with long lasting anodization. Made in the USA.

Axle Type: 15mm TA
Hub Spacing: 110mm/Boost
Spoke Drilling: 28, 32 hole
Weight: 180.7 grams
Thru-Axle Not Included

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Project 321 ISO Disc Front Hub Boost 15mm TA