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Project 321 Road Disc Custom Handbuilt Rear Wheel With DT Swiss R500 Rim 650b

Select Project 321 CX1 Road Disc Rear Hub


The Project 321 CX1 Rear Hub was designed with Cyclocross and gravel grinders in mind. Essentially, it is their well-designed G2 Hub with some tweaks to allow the compatibility to run a road style 10/11 speed cassette. This means you can keep riding drop bars and integrated levers and get all of the benefits of Project 321 exquisite hubs. You still get all of the great features such as a revolutionary drive system, high capacity oil chamber, angled flanges, brilliant finishing, tension adjustable axle, and high quality bearings. All Project321 rear hubs are now equipped with the new magnetically actuated, 6 pawl, ratchet drive system. This new system gives you a combination of options and features like no other drive system on the market. The angled flanges allow the spokes to touch the hub only at the bend and nowhere else. This creates a more stable and true wheel and eliminates any unnecessary stress on the spokes. Rotor bolt holes are form tapped which creates a stronger, cleaner thread than the more common method of cut tapping. 10 years on hub shell and axle, 3 years on pawls, drive ring, and free hub body and 1 year Enduro bearing warranty. (For original owner only; does not apply to anodize fading). Project 321 hubs feature a CNC engraved logo and comes standard with 2 high precision Japanese cartridge bearings. Available in all 10 color options with long lasting anodization. Made in the USA.

Axle Type: 142mm x 12mm TA
Hub Spacing: 142mm
Engagement Speed: 1.7-216 POE (6x2)
Pawls: Loud
Cassette Body: Shimano 8, 9, 10, and 11 speed
Spoke Drilling: 24, 28 hole
Weight: 281.4 grams
Thru-Axle Not Included

Select Project 21 Rear Hub Color


Project 321 Orange
Select DT R500 Rear Disc Rim 650b


If you're searching for a rim to ride off the beaten path, the DT Swiss R500 will deliver at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. This extremely durable rim is made for rough riding off-road. Mounted on your cyclocross bike, your gravel racer or your next bike-packing rig, the R500 will impress you with its strength and durability over thousands of kilometers. Tubeless Compatible with Optional Rim Tape and Valve. Rims include Squorx nipples and washers.

Size: 650b or 700c
External/Internal Dimensions: 26/22 mm
Weight 650b: 558 grams
 Weight 700c: 596 grams
 Drilling: 24, 28 or 32 hole

Select Number of Rear Spokes - 24 or 28


High spoke counts (having a lot of spokes) and 3X lacing increase the robustness and durability but come with a weight penalty (heavier). Low spoke counts (having less spokes) and 2X lacing decreases the robustness and durability but come with a weight advantage (less weight). You can run a lower spoke count on carbon rims because of the stiffness/strength of carbon. If you need some help or advice, feel free to call or email us. We'll make recommendations based on your unique needs. 1-800-688-8600 or
Select Spokes, Rear Wheel


Estimated weight each: 6.94g (264mm length)
Estimated weight of 32 spokes: 222g (264mm length)

The Performance Chart below is intended to help guide you to the correct spoke usage. Please note that the spoke rating can vary based on rider weight or riding terrain. If you need help, please give us a call (800-688-8600) .

The straight guage DT champion® 2.0mm (14 gauge) spoke offers great performance over the full spectrum of wheel builds. Whether you're building a reliable set of road wheels or a set of hard-charging enduro wheels, these spokes build a strong, sturdy wheel.
Select Rear Nipples


Nipple: DT Swiss Brass nipple
Nipple height 12mm
Estimated weight each: .98g
Estimated weight of 32 nipples: 31.36

NOTE: Colorado Cyclist will adjust nipple size (1.8 or 2.0mm) based on your choice of spoke size.
Select Rim Strip, Road


High tensile strength makes Stan's No Tubes rim tape your wingman on the trail. Designed to keep your ZTR rims airtight. Can be used as a lightweight rim tape on any rim. 10 yards x 21mm (1 roll tapes 3-4 rims - 5 grams per application).
*Optional - Rear Road Rotor - 6-bolt


Use the pulldown to search rotors
*Optional - Add Cassette, Shimano/SRAM


Use the pulldown to search cassettes
*Optional - Add Cassette, SRAM XDR/XD


Use the pulldown to search cassettes
*Optional - Select Tubeless Ready Rear Tire, Road/Cross


Use the pulldown to search tires
*Optional - Add Colorado Composites 44mm Alloy Valve, Rear


No Colorado Composites 44mm Alloy Valve Needed
*Optional - Select Sealant


Use the pulldown to search sealant
*Optional - Add Rear Quick Release Skewer


No rear quick release skewer needed.
(This wheel does not include a rear quick release skewer. A rear skewer may be purchased from the pulldown menu.)


Your Project 321 road disc custom rear wheel with DT Swiss R500 Disc rim is proudly handbuilt in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
Every wheel we turn out is built completely by hand to your specifications. All wheels are tensioned, stress-relieved, then re-tensioned before final truing. We have been building custom wheels since 1977 and take great pride in building the finest wheels available.

These rims can be used with standard tires and tubes, or tubeless tires. (For tubeless ready, please order tubeless tape and valves.) Never exceed your tire's recommended tire pressure.

Please Note:

  • Our wheels are built with a 2-cross or 3-cross lacing pattern (3-cross recommended.)
  • If you intend to use tubeless tires, make sure to select tubeless tape (from the rim tape pull-down menu) and to purchase tubeless valves (available in optional items at the bottom of your build.) Further, select tires from the "Tubeless Ready" tire selection.
  • If you choose to select optional items they will be installed on your wheels (with the exception of the sealant) unless otherwise specified. The sealant is not added because it can leak during shipping. If you are picking up your wheels at our retail location, we can add the sealant for you.
  • Manufacturer warranties are honored for the parts included in your build.
  • Custom wheels typically ship from our shop between 1-3 weeks after you've placed your order depending on how busy our shop is. However, if a part is not immediately available - from us or from our vendors - your build may take longer. We do our best to keep you updated on the situation, and are always happy to provide updates if you reach out. The easiest way to contact us for updates is to send us an email to and we will respond as quickly as we can.
Nipple Information
Alloy nipples are much lighter than brass nipples (approximately 20g per wheel) and are recommended for light weight builds. Brass nipples are stronger and less expensive. We've been successfully building wheels with both for many years.

Spoke Information
Colorado Cyclist primarily uses DT Swiss stainless spokes in our builds. This has been our choice for wheel building since the late 1970's and we certainly owe part of our wheel building success to the strength and longevity that DT Swiss spokes offer. We also use the very popular, lightweight and bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes and have had excellent success with them. Spoke weight, as well as a spoke Performance Chart, are provided in the pull-downs that you'll use to pick your spokes. The Perfomance Chart should be used as a guide to compare the various spokes. However, there are so many variables involved in building a wheel properly (ie. rider weight, terrain, intended use, price, etc.), you may end up with questions. If you need some help or advice, feel free to call or email us. We'll make recommendations based on your unique needs. 800-688-8600 or