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Quarq TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor Presta



The Quarq TyreWiz is a tire pressure sensor for mountain bike and road bike riders. Lightweight, durable, and powered by a long-lasting user-replaceable coin cell battery; TyreWiz monitors air pressure in real-time and relays the data to a cycling computer or a smartphone. The TyreWiz app uses that data to deliver personalized recommendations and pressure alerts. For the first time, riders have access to highly accurate real-time tire pressure data to make decisions that can affect rolling resistance, traction, tire wear, and rider comfort. Easy to install: just un-thread the existing Presta valve core and thread the TyreWiz sensor into the valve stem. Works with both tube and tubeless, and tires with anti-flat sealant. Data can be read on a cycling computer or smartphone with the app for iOS and Android. LED's indicate low/high pressure readings. In the box: 2 TyreWiz sensors, batteries and valve core removal tool. Weight: 10g per sensor for proper wheel balance.

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Quarq TyreWiz Air Pressure Sensor Presta