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Race Face Arc Offset 29" Rim



The Race Face ARC Offset Rim is engineered to suit a variety of tire volumes and riding styles from cross-country to aggressive all-mountain. With a redesigned rim profile, the new ARC Offset rims utilize an asymmetrical design to optimize spoke tension balance, wheel durability and wheel stiffness. Welded for increased durability and reduced weight, the ARC is available in two internal rim widths for greater traction: 30, or 35 millimeter. Rim width should match your tire volume. If you are running a large volume tire, a 30 or 35 millimeter internal rim width provides an optimal tire profile. Ready to attack any trail, the Tubeless-Ready design features a bead barb to lock tubeless tires in place.

Size: 29-inch
Rim depth: 20mm
External Width: 29mm/33.5mm/38.5mm
Internal Width: 25mm/30mm/35mm
Recommended Tire Size: 25mm/1.5-2.2, 30mm/2.3-2.6, 35mm/2.6-3.0
Weight: 525g./30mm, 563g./35mm
Drilling: 28 or 32 hole
Disc Brake
Tubeless Compatible.

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Race Face Arc Offset 29" Rim