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Race Face Direct Mount Narrow Wide Cinch Chainring



More and more people are switching to single ring drivetrains and the Race Face Direct Mount Cinch Narrow Wide Single Chain Ring enables the switch to be made without using a chain guide. This ring is designed to prevent chain drops by persistently keeping the chain engaged through the use of "Narrow-Wide" teeth profiling. Every other tooth is shaped like a regular, non-shifting tooth, but the other teeth are thicker, with additional "spines" on either side of the tooth. This combination fits into the chain's different-sized links, and practically eliminates the chance of chain drop. The Direct Mount attaches as part of the Race Face Cinch system (using common Park BBT-22 bottom bracket tool), allowing to switch between DM rings/spiders with ease.  
Compatible with: Race Face cranks with Cinch System Interface 
Drivetrain Speeds: 9 , 10 , 11 , 12
Chainline/Hub Compatibility: 135/142 MTB Hubs , 170/177 Hubs , 190/197 Hubs , 150/157 DH Hubs , 157 Super Boost Hubs , 141/148 Boost Hubs
Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
Weight: 47 grams 

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Race Face Direct Mount Narrow Wide Cinch Chainring