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Red22 Hydraulic Road Disc Front Brake - Traditional/Post Mount


Weight: 449 g. per wheel (Lever, Caliper, Hose and 160mm HSX rotor)

Road braking has remained in the dark ages. Sure, they're shinier and lighter, but rudimentary. While frame and drive train development has been the stuff of modern space exploration, road braking has languished. SRAM has reset the vision for road bike braking for the coming decade with the introduction of hydraulic braking technology. Hydraulic Road Disc (HRD) brakes create more braking power and control by braking onto a steel rotor. No heat is transferred into the tire or tube improving safety, and wheel designs are free from the constraints of accommodating a braking surface. The SRAM Red 22 HRD brake optimizes power and modulation for road and cross with 19mm front/18mm rear pistons. Features fully sealed system with 160mm rotor. SRAM will stop what you've propelled, faster and with better modulation.

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Red22 Hydraulic Road Disc Front Brake - Traditional/Post Mount