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Rock "n" Roll Miracle Red Degreaser 16 oz


Rock-N-Roll Miracle Red Degreaser is a 3 in 1 bio-degreaser, hand cleaner and stain remover. 100% natural, no citrus, pumice or petroleum products are used. This product will float the grease out of finger prints and will remove grease from white T- shirts like a miracle. 16 oz.

Application Instructions:

  • BIO-DEGREASER - Mix in a spray bottle. 2 or 4 parts water to every 1 part Miracle Red, depending on the strength wanted.
  • HAND CLEANER - This product is formulated to produce a very deep cleaning in the pores of the skin, and is designed for the hands of the professional bicycle mechanic. Contains no pumice or petroleum products.
  • STAIN REMOVER - Apply full strength to area with grease, work in with fingernails. Rinse with clean water. Stain is gone. Repeat if needed. Use only on clothing damaged by grease and test on a small area first.

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Rock "n" Roll Miracle Red Degreaser 16 oz