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Rotor XC2 Q-Ring 38/25 Set

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  • Teeth: 38/25
  • Chain Compatibility: 9 or 10-speed
  • Chainring BCD: 110/74
  • Bolt Pattern: 5-Bolt
  • Position: Outer/ Inner
  • Material: 7075 aluminum

Rotor Q-rings help you get the most out of your legs, by enhancing your pedaling efficiency and minimizing the dead spot in your spin. Every cyclist is taught to spin in perfect circles, which is easier said than done. Think about your natural running gait, or the motion of an elliptical trainer. Your legs naturally move in an ellipse, rather than a perfect circle. Rotor Q-rings match the natural motion of your legs by giving you a larger diameter when your muscles are loading the horizontal crank arm, and a smaller diameter when you are pulling a vertical arm through the dead spot. This variable diameter, paradoxically, produces a noticeably smoother spin, less muscle cramping, and less torque on your knees and joints.

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Rotor XC2 Q-Ring 38/25 Set