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Schwalbe Hans Dampf SS TLE Addix Soft 29x2.35



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The Schwalbe Hans Dampf was designed to take any rider to any and every part of the mountain. The tread pattern was designed as an all-condition tire which makes it useful in dry, loose terrain to wet roots and rocky terrain. This non-directional pattern is equally at home mounted on the front or rear and has no rotation arrows. The SnakeSkin sidewall guards against abrasion damage, while the specifically shaped and coated tire bead quickly seals on the rim and provides safer tubeless seating without the extra weight penalty of true UST tires. The ADDIX Soft (orange) compound offers great damping and powerful grip, and due to the optimized low-temperature properties it does this all year round.

Size: 29x2.35
Weight: 850 grams
Max Psi:50

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Schwalbe Hans Dampf SS TLE Addix Soft 29x2.35