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Schwalbe Magic Mary SS TLE Addix Soft 27.5x2.60



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A tire favored by professional Downhill and Enduro riders, the Schwalbe Magic Mary instills confidence for aggressive riding in loose and soft terrain. The Magic Mary's large shoulder knobs provide the best in corning prowess on any surface, and the square center knobs with varying degrees of ramping provide traction and braking response when you need it most. The SnakeSkin sidewall guards against abrasion damage, while the specifically shaped and coated tire bead quickly seals on the rim and provides safer tubeless seating without the extra weight penalty of true UST tires. The ADDIX Soft (orange) compound offers great damping and powerful grip, and due to the optimized low-temperature properties it does this all year round.

Size: 27.5x2.60
Weight: 1000 grams

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Schwalbe Magic Mary SS TLE Addix Soft 27.5x2.60