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Schwalbe Racing Ralph SS TLE Ready Tire - 29x2.1

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A radically redesigned version of the time honored Racing Ralph, Schwalbe took their most successful competition tire, kept the low profile lugs in the middle, and added newly designed 'U-Block' side grips for exceptional traction. The U-block is a high profile lug with a half open serration, which digs in when the bike is put on its side. All this translates into a tire that lets you get up to speed when hammering the flats, and keeps you upright when carving through a corner at speed. The SnakeSkin sidewall guards against abrasion damage, while the specifically shaped and coated tire bead quickly seals on the rim and provides safer seating without the extra weight penalty of true UST tires.

Size: 29x2.1
Weight: 585 grams
Bead: Foldable

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Schwalbe Racing Ralph SS TLE Ready Tire - 29x2.1