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Selle SMP Stratos Saddle


Endorsed by physicians, the patented Selle SMP Stratos Saddle features an extra wide channel that eliminates pelvic floor pressure and restores blood flow to surrounding tissue. A carbon fiber infused, Nylon-12 shell with foamed elastomer padding provides support and comfort and is particularly suited for the average pelvis. The patented features by Selle SMP, such as the completely free central channel, the original eagle-beak nose and the raised rear give the Stratos an interesting aerodynamic touch. Suited for people with a narrow or medium-sized pelvis. The black Stratos is covered in real leather, while the colored models are covered in Lorica microfiber. Handmade in Italy.

Rail Material: AISI 304 tubular stainless steel
Weight: 260 grams
Length: 266mm
Width: 131mm

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Selle SMP Stratos Saddle