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Seven iDP Transition Elbow Pads

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The super light Seven iDP Transition Elbow Pads are designed for riders looking for lightweight protection that can be worn all day long. Matching the Transition Knee Pads the elbow version uses the same construction method with a refined sleeve and more compact impact hardening foam. The elbow pads are easy to roll down when warm and small enough to slip into a pocket or backpack. The minimalist design keeps weight low and a slim profile means the Transition elbow pads can easily go unnoticed under a jersey. Internal silicone strips combined with a compression fit mean the pads form closely around the upper and forearm giving a consistent non-slip fit. The breathable 4-way stretch mesh runs full length on the inside of the pads keeping free from moisture build up, and maintains air flow and keeps moisture away from the skin. Abrasion resistant material covers the heat molding internal padding shared with the successful Transition Knee pads.

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Seven iDP Transition Elbow Pads