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Shimano Di2 BCR2 Internal Charger



This charger is made to charge both Shimano's internally or externally mounted batteries without removing them by connecting to the SM-EW90 junction box for easy charging. It features two lights, one to determine if the battery is charging/charged and another to show if there is a problem with the battery or system.

All Di2 components on the bicycle require the same firmware version.
Using Di2 components with different firmware versions may cause malfunctions..
For use with Alfine Di2, Dura-Ace 9070, R9100 and Ultegra 6870/6770 equipped bicycles.
SM-BCR2 Internal battery charger is specific to the SM-BTR2 and IBTDN1101 internal battery (BA9075).
Includes USB (SM-USB1) power adaptor.
Plugs into SM-EW90 cockpit junction boxes or SC-S705 display unit.

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Shimano Di2 BCR2 Internal Charger