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Shimano Dura-Ace FD-7970 F/D Braze

This product has been deactivated


For use with double crankset
Weight: 124 g.
Capacity: 15 tooth

The front derailleur is the "brains" of the system. The integrated ultra-compact CPU not only ensures that shifting is perfect for both the front and rear derailleurs individually, but also by monitoring the position of each, creates a front derailleur that tracks the chain and requires zero manual trim without sacrificing any shifting speed. The front derailleur logic also performs the inward shift from the big chainring in two parts to eliminate chain drop, with both actions measured in fractions of a second.

Features of Dura Ace 7970 F/D

  • Integrated CPU monitors both front and rear shifting for precise and consistent derailleur alignment
  • Computer integration allows the front derailleur to track the chain eliminating the need for manual trim and also eliminates chain drop when shifting inward from the big ring.
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Shimano Dura-Ace FD-7970 F/D Braze