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Shimano PRO Turnix Anatomic Fit Saddle


The Shimano Pro Turnix Anatomic Fit Saddle is nothing less than a killer, and at first sight you would not expect a fighter's heart inside. Its narrow nose prevents friction when pedaling for victory, while its semi-curved shape (best for flexible body geometry) provides enough comfort when endurance is needed. The PRO Turnix features a large anatomic recess area to reduce pressure in a deep riding position, lightweight EVA padding for optimal support and comfort, smooth PU material to minimize friction with cycling shorts, stiff and lightweight carbon reinforced polymer in-molded construction, and easily fits accessories like the PRO camera mount, fender etc.

Rail Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 216 grams / 221 grams / 226 grams
Length: 275mm
Width: 132mm, 142mm, or 152mm

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Shimano PRO Turnix Anatomic Fit Saddle