Shimano XT M781 SGS Rear Derailleur

This product has been deactivated


For MTB gearing configurations
Long cage
10-spd compatible
Standard rise

Weight: 238 g.

Efficiency was the key principle when designing the Shimano Dyna-Sys XT M780 SGS 10-speed rear derailleur. The derailleur was designed with a longer swing arm and a tighter spring for crisper shifting when you want it, and less 'ghost shifting' when you don't. The Dyna-Sys rear derailleur will stay in adjustment longer and deliver consistent performance with each ride.

Stronger return spring for crisper shifting
Longer swing arm for quicker shifting
Less chain-slap
Capacity : SGS 43T

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Shimano XT M781 SGS Rear Derailleur