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Shimano Xtr Bl-m9100 Disc Brakes



The Shimano XTR M9100 XC Disc Brakes encourages racers to attack technical downhill sections with confidence, leaving the competition in the dust. Underpowered brakes lead to defensive riding technique and, ultimately, to slower lap times. Heat buildup is the enemy of any brake system, but the Shimano XTR M9100 disc brakes feature an insulated piston and insulated pad coating plus their unique IceTech technology to defeat heat buildup. Aluminum-core rotors, stock aluminum-backed brake pads and the industry's first full ceramic caliper piston all help to dump heat and maintain consistent power. The M9100 XTR Race Brakes get a lighter magnesium caliper and master cylinder and titanium mounting bolts to minimize weight. Total per wheel is just 204 grams. Updated clamp pairs with new I-Spec EV system for greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout. Each individual brake comes with brake lever, and caliper. Rotors are not included. 

Hydraulic Hose Length: Ft: 1000mm Rr: 1700mm 

 Hint for breaking-in: New disc brake pads require a certain break-in period in order to provide the full brake power. The following procedure has proved oneself: drag braking on a downhill until the brake power noticeably increases. Then let the brake rotor cool out. Afterwards do 20 full stops braking from a medium speed. Attention: the rotors get very hot, do not touch them! 

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Shimano Xtr Bl-m9100 Disc Brakes