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Shimano Xtr Bl-m9120 Disc Brakes

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The Shimano XTR M9120 Disc Brakes provide extreme stopping power right at your fingertips. The integration of Servo-Wave brake-boosting technology and an updated brake lever shape with 4-piston caliber generates gobs of stopping power that can be precisely rolled on and off with single-finger effort, giving you a better grip on the bar for charging through technical trail sections. The Shimano XTR M9120 disc brakes deliver a balance of light weight and power that resists performance-sapping heat better than ever before thanks to an industry-first full-ceramic piston and Ice Technology radiator brake pads. A new ServoWave lever design gets a Sil-Tec coated roller for decreased friction, and a new alloy master cylinder body improves stiffness with tool-free reach and free stroke lever adjustment. Weight is 277 grams per wheel. Each individual brake comes with brake lever, and caliper. Rotors are not included.

  • Hydraulic Hose Length: Ft: 1000mm Rr: 1700mm

  • Hint for breaking-in: New disc brake pads require a certain break-in period in order to provide the full brake power. The following procedure has proved oneself: drag braking on a downhill until the brake power noticeably increases. Then let the brake rotor cool out. Afterwards do 20 full stops braking from a medium speed. Attention: the rotors get very hot, do not touch them!

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    Shimano Xtr Bl-m9120 Disc Brakes