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Shimano XTR BR-M9120 Disc Brake



Shimano's XTR BR-M9120 Disc Brake lever pairs with the new 4-piston Trail caliper offering Rider Tuned stopping power for the ever more capable breed of modern mountain bikes. Shimano's XTR M9120 Enduro-style hydraulic disc brake system increase brake rigidity for greater bike control, and optimizes braking performance. With tool-free reach adjust and Shimano's new I-spec EV standard, the BL-M9120 lever continues to set the standard for mountain bike brakes. Each individual brake comes with brake lever, and caliper. Rotors are not included.


  • Hydraulic Hose Length: Ft: 1000mm Rr: 1700mm
  • 4-piston Enduro brake system offers high performance brake control with reduced input force at the finger tips
  • Weight: 385 grams
  • Banjo type connection and inboard hose routing
  • Lever provides greater flexibility and an action-optimized cockpit layout
  • Lever can be adjusted to suit any hand or riding style with tool-free reach adjust
  • Quicker rebound between actions maintains rider concentration
  • I-Spec EV Compatible

Hint for breaking-in: New disc brake pads require a certain break-in period in order to provide the full brake power. The following procedure has proved oneself: drag braking on a downhill until the brake power noticeably increases. Then let the brake rotor cool out. Afterwards do 20 full stops braking from a medium speed. Attention: the rotors get very hot, do not touch them!

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Shimano XTR BR-M9120 Disc Brake