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Shimano XTR M986 Shadow Plus RD GS

This product has been deactivated


For MTB gearing configurations
Short or long cage
10-speed compatible
Standard rise

Weight: 208 g. (SGS)

If you value a drivetrain that shifts consistently and a chain that won't rattle on rough terrain, look no further than the Shimano XTR M985 Shadow Plus rear derailleur. The revolutionary Shadow Plus switch adds tension to the derailleur pulley spring to nearly eliminate chain slap and ghost shifting. When the Shadow Plus switch is in the 'off' position, the derailleur reacts like any other derailleur with a spring loaded lower pulley cage. However, when the switch is in the 'on' position, the pulley cage spring tension is significantly increased, effectively tightening the drivetrain. The derailleur should be ridden with the switch in the 'on' position all the time. The 'off' setting allows the shifting to be initially adjusted and makes it easier to remove the rear wheel.

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Shimano XTR M986 Shadow Plus RD GS