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Shimano XTR M988, Stan's ZTR Crest Wheel - 29in Front

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Hub:Shimano XTR M988
Rim: Stan's ZTR Crest 29" Disc Front
Spokes: DT Swiss (options)
Nipples: DT Swiss (options)
Weight: 749 grams (wt. of 32 hole w/15 gauge spokes and alloy nipples)

Every set of wheels we turn out is built completely by hand to your specifications using DT spokes. From lacing and tensioning, to stress-relieving, re-tensioning and final truing, we take great pride in building the finest wheels available. Please select the drilling, spoke gauge and the spoke nipple that you desire.

Our wheel builders recommend using 14/15 gauge double butted spokes and alloy nipples on this front wheel. You'll reduce the rolling weight by approximately 50 grams with virtually no reduction in strength.

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