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Sidi SIXTY Carbon Shoes



In honor of their 60 years of history, Sidi has released the SIXTY shoes, a fresh take on style and performance in a lightweight chassis with all of Sidi's world class handmade in Italy durability. The Sixty is Sidi's lightest Performance shoe, produced with cutting-edge materials that respect the environment. The carbon sole has been meticulously designed to best transfer power to the pedals. This shoe is the perfect result of extensive research and constant progress applied to making shoes that are light, resistant, comfortable and high performing. The Microfiber Techpro upper is vented and streamlined for aesthetics and weight savings. The Tecno 4 System has a single rotor to reduce the shoe's weight, and guarantees a micrometric and precise closure. A highlight is the speed of release of the tension, definitely improved compared to the other Sidi mechanisms. Another technology belonging to the Italian brand Sidi is the possibility to replace all the Tecno-4 components. The High Security Velcro strap features integrated locking polymer teeth that engage onto each other when the strap is closed. This feature makes the closure more secure and the strap becomes unmovable. The heel is integrated with a new design, reinforced to avoid deformations after prolonged efforts and pressures. Anatomically shaped, it stabilizes and supports the foot while pedaling. The Reflex inserts on the heel provide greater safety to athletes on the road, helping to signal the presence of the cyclists in conditions of poor visibility. The Vent Carbon Sole is produced with carbon fiber in a weave pattern that allows more rigidity, lightness and greater power transfer. The sole is equipped with integrated vents and air flows for ventilation and heat dissipation. The integrated vent can be opened or remain closed (by using a screwdriver) for a 4 season comfort. The central part of the sole is graduated, for easy cleat alignment and replacement. The shoe is also equipped with replaceable/walkable polyurethane heel pad.

Please Note: Make sure your shoes fit correctly before riding in them. We do not accept returns on shoes that have been worn or have had cleats mounted to them.

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Sidi SIXTY Carbon Shoes