Silca Sicuro TI Cage V2, Cerakote Copper

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All the benefits of a highly secure titanium bottle cage with a copper finish that won't wear away. Other secure cages don't allow easy access to bottles, scratch your bottles, etc, but not SICURO.

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Cerakote is the world's leading high performance ceramic coating for use in aerospace, military, and biomedical applications.  At only 1 micron thick, Cerakote high performance ceramic coating increases abrasion resistance by more than 100 times while increasing corrosion resistance more than 1000 times over traditional metal finishes and paint coatings.  Cerakote even improves fatigue resistance by eliminating the possibility of surface scratching or notching which can lead to stress cracking over time.

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Brand Silca
Manufacturer Part Number AM-HY-002-ASY-0602
UPC 810093160471
Color Purple
Product Condition New in Box