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Speedplay SYZR Pedals - Chrome-Moly

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The Speedplay SYZR Pedals are an off-road pedal system that is equally capable on the road, making them a made-to-go-anywhere clipless pedal system. Rider power is delivered to SYZR pedals directly through the cleats, not through the spongy rubber lugs of the shoe sole. This improved design for transferring power ensures that no rider energy is lost during transmission. The SYZR is the only off-road pedal system to provide a user-customizable, 10-degree range of float. Funnel Guides on the cleat steer the cleat into the pedal's latch mechanism making the pedals easier to engage. The latch mechanism design prevents inadvertent release, and special ceramic roller-cam contacts were developed for SYZR cleats to ensure consistent release in wet or muddy conditions and long-term durability. SYZR pedals use precision needle and cartridge bearings and feature a convenient built-in grease-port for easy routine maintenance. SYZR cleats are compatible with all recessed 2-hole (SPD) shoe mounts, and unlike some systems, SYZR pedals will not cause damage to your shoes. Cleats included. Sold as pair.

Spindle Material:Chrome-Moly
Spindle Length:55mm
Weight: 338 grams/pair

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Speedplay SYZR Pedals - Chrome-Moly