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Sram G2 Rsc Disc Brake A2



The SRAM G2 RSC Disc Brake is the half-ton pickup truck of the mountain bike brake world, dependable, go anywhere, do anything, plenty of power when you need it, and all of the features you need. The new G2 RSC is based on the SRAM Code design, so it puts Code-like power and modulation into a mini-Code package. And of course the signature Guide lever-feel and contact-point adjustability ensures that this brake works great for every rider. The G2 RSC presents rider-controlled offering with an alloy blade, lever pivot bushings, and stainless steel hardware. The new design features SwingLink for more positive pad engagement, silky-smooth modulation and better lever-feel. Tool-free reach and contact point adjustment allows you to customize your lever throw preference, while the smooth lever pivot bearings and SRAM's new timing port closure provides dependable braking power and consistency on every ride. The ambidextrous mounts are MatchMaker compatible, so you can use your RockShox remote on the same mount, and titanium hardware keeps the weight competitive. Rotors are not included and sold separately. New Organic Brake Pads included. 255 grams (Front or Rear).

  • Hydraulic Hose Length: Ft: 950mm Rr: 1800mm

  • Hint for breaking-in: New disc brake pads require a certain break-in period in order to provide the full brake power. The following procedure has proved oneself: drag braking on a downhill until the brake power noticeably increases. Then let the brake rotor cool out. Afterwards do 20 full stops braking from a medium speed. Attention: the rotors get very hot, do not touch them!

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    Sram G2 Rsc Disc Brake A2