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Sram Pro Bleed Kit



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The SRAM (Avid) Pro Bleed Kit includes everything you need to bleed your brakes like a pro. In order to enjoy top-level power and sensitivity SRAM recommends that you bleed your brakes at least once a year and more if you ride often, aggressively, or in dirty and dusty conditions. Robust syringes and the parts to rebuild them ensure an easier bleed and years of service, even under heavy use. Kit includes two syringes, four threaded hose barbs, four hose fittings, one T25/T10 Torx wrench, two hose clamps, four bleed blocks, one crow's foot wrench, and one 5.1oz bottle of DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Compatible with Avid Code, XX, X0, Elixir, Juicy, and SRAM road hydraulic brakes.

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Sram Pro Bleed Kit