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SRAM XX 10-Speed Trigger Shifters



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The SRAM XX 10-speed Trigger Shifters features SRAM's 2x10 Exact Actuation cable-pull ratio system to deliver a more precise and dependable derailleur movement, with less applied force required from the user. Carbon-fiber is used on the lever for a lightweight and durable construction. Getting inside the shifter, you can expect a precise and dependable actuation mile-after-mile, through any terrain. The multi-adjustable trigger shifter lets you dial in your shifter to your exact reach specifications. The shifter also comes with a MatchMaker X compatible clamp. This creates easier accessibility and a clean aesthetic by placing your XLoc suspension controls securely next to your shifter.


  • 2X10-speed
  • SRAM's 2X10 EXACT ACTUATION for precise and dependable 10-speed performance
  • Multi-adjustable trigger shifter
  • MatchMaker X compatible
  • Adjustable carbon pull lever
  • Weight: 183 grams.

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SRAM XX 10-Speed Trigger Shifters