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Stan's NoTubes Crest CB7 Rim 29"



The Stan's NoTubes Crest CB7 Carbon rim with RiACT absorbs radial vibrations and damps impacts. All carbon rims are not created equal. If your carbon rim is too stiff, you're losing speed and risking tire pinch flats. It's a difference you can feel in the ride of the bike almost instantly. First introduced with the legendary Valor rim, Stan's impact absorbing RiACT technology has evolved to be more responsive and even more durable. The Crest CB7's new carbon layup and rim shape allows for 10mm of radial compliance to absorb larger impacts. The new rim also matches the Valor's strength while using less material to save weight. And when it comes to the lateral stiffness needed for steering precision and control, the new CB7 layup delivers. Wider than the original Valor while still optimized for XC tire widths, the Crest CB7 keeps you in control and rolling faster.
The Crest CB7 also features Stan's Bead Socket Technology. Combined with sealant, Stan's patented BST rim design has become the foundation of all current tubeless-ready systems. There are many imitations out there these days, but only one true BST tubeless system. The Crest CB7's tubeless technology means lighter, lower, faster accelerating sidewalls, easier inflation, and reliability that continue to set the benchmark for all tubeless systems. Better by design, the Crest CB7 is the most advanced rim available for creating a lighter, stronger, more reliable, and faster rolling wheelset.

Size: 29"
Internal/External Dimension: 23.0/29.7 mm
Recommended Tire Size:2.00-2.25
Weight: 325 grams
Drilling:28 or 32 hole
Valve and rim strip are NOT included.

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Stan's NoTubes Crest CB7 Rim 29"