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Stan's NoTubes Dart Tool



Stan's Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) fixes damaged tires faster, easier and better than most plug tools. Instead of the traditional tire plugs that wedge rubber strips into a puncture, the DART creates a chemical reaction with your Stan's sealant that quickly forms a permanent airtight bond. The DART's plastic tip is barbed to anchor firmly in place and stay put during even the most aggressive riding while being safer for rims, rim tape, and your hands. The material of the DART maximizes the surface area to increase the sealing reaction. Because the DART anchors to your tire and creates an instant bond with your sealant, it also won't pull out while riding the way a conventional plug can. One of the best features of the DART's design is that it doesn't require trimming once inserted, and excess material won't get in the way of your ride. DARTs can't be felt while riding, even on road tires, and they wear smooth naturally.

Repairs large punctures and slices.
Reacts with Stan's sealant to form an instant, airtight seal.
Barbed plastic tip anchors into tire and will not pull out when riding.
Flexible material and laser-cut shape conforms to puncture and bonds with sealant.
Wears off clean, no trimming needed, and can not be felt while riding, even on road tires.
Lightweight, compact tool fits the shape of your hand for more precise use and includes built-in valve core remover.
Includes two pre-loaded DARTs for sealing multiple and larger punctures.
Clear caps keep DARTs clean and unthread quickly for fast deployment.
Simple and easy to refill

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Stan's NoTubes Dart Tool