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Stan's NoTubes Flow CB7 Disc Rim 27.5" 32H



The Stan's NoTubes Flow CB7 Disc Carbon Rim combines Stan's best-in-class Bead Socket Technology with a strong and lightweight asymmetric carbon rim. Developed in conjunction with the carbon specialists at Ibis, the Flow CB7's asymmetric design improves the bracing angle of the spokes to create a more stable, wider base to better support the rim. Stan's trademark patented low sidewalls further improve strength while shaving weight to make the Flow CB7 one of the quickest accelerating trail rims available. While asymmetric rim designs offer added wheel strength, they have traditionally been unable to match the extremely high standards of tubeless performance found on Stan's conventional symmetrical rims. All of that changes with the Flow CB7.
Stan's patented Bead Socket Technology tubeless rims offer easier tire mounting, inflation, and removal. They also offer the most dependable airtight seal in the business. Asymmetric rim designs have been unable to match this performance for several reasons. A rim with unequal sides must be carefully engineered to manage everything from tire inflation to the forces in play under hard cornering. Working with Ibis, Stan's engineers created an entirely new approach to these challenges to develop asymmetric Bead Socket Technology. Unlike previous asymmetric rims, those with Stan's BST design make tire installation and removal as easy as a conventional rim, and create a strong and reliable airtight seal even under the most aggressive cornering. The asymmetric design of the Flow CB7 also incorporates Stan's radial impact absorbing carbon technology, RiACT. Low sidewalls and careful attention to shape and lay-up let RiACT carbon rims deflect radially to absorb impacts, making them more durable and faster rolling while maintaining excellent lateral stiffness.
The Flow CB7 is among the lightest carbon trail rims available, but is also among the strongest. Register your wheels with Stan's and your Flow CB7 wheelset is backed up by their 7-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement offer. The Flow CB7 brings Stan's patented BST tubeless system to wider carbon rims to create a new classic, and one of the best all-around trail rims you can buy. The Flow CB7 brings Stan's legendary tubeless performance and great quality to a wider and stronger asymmetric carbon rim.

Size: 27.5"
Internal/External Dimension: 29.0/35.0 mm
Recommended Tire Size:2.35-2.80
Weight: 420 grams
Drilling: 32 hole
Valve and rim strip are NOT included.

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Stan's NoTubes Flow CB7 Disc Rim 27.5" 32H