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Stan's Notubes Sentry MK3 Disc Rim 29"



Designed for today's wider tires, the Stan's Sentry MK3 Disc Rim's patented low-profile sidewall and lightweight 6069 alloy construction delivers width without the weight. The patented BST rim design allows a tire to expand to its full volume without distorting its shape, and the 32mm internal width of the Sentry MK3 is more stable with 2.50"-2.80" tires. The result is less rolling resistance, more traction, and incredible handling. The Sentry MK3 Rim is a great upgrade for anyone looking for the traction and control needed to take on even the most difficult trails.

Size: 29"
Internal/External Dimension: 32.0/35.4 mm
Recommended Tire Size:2.50-2.80
Weight: 556 grams (32 hole)
Drilling: 32 hole

Valve and rim strip are NOT included.

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Stan's Notubes Sentry MK3 Disc Rim 29"