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Stan's No Tubes Arch EX Disc Rim - 27.5"

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The time-tested Stan's Arch rim gets a face lift into the ZTR Arch EX 650b/27.5", as it grows in width from 24.4 to 24.6 and drops 20 grams in the transition. With short sidewalls, the tire is less apt to hit the rim and pinch flat as it might with standard rims. The rim design allows you to run lower tire pressure, increasing the tire's contact patch by 4mm for better traction. The curve of the rim sidewall is the same shape as the bead of the tire so they fit together like a ball and socket joint, helping to reduce the strain on the tire bead while creating a tighter seal. The ZTR Arch features a fully welded seam and can be used with a standard tire/tube combination or a tubeless tire.

Size: 650b/27.5"
Internal/External Dimension: 21/24.6 mm
Weight: 420 grams (32 hole)
Drilling: 32 hole

Valve and rim strip are NOT included.

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Stan's No Tubes Arch EX Disc Rim - 27.5"