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Stan's ZTR Flow EX Disc Rim - 26"

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With multiple World Cup and World Championship victories already in the books, improving the legendary Stan's Flow EX rim wasn't easy, but input from the best riders in the world and countless hours spent sweating even the smallest of details has led to a rim that redefines what even we thought was possible. The Flow EX is lower, wider, and meaner, offering a lower profile sidewall and redesigned Bead Socket Technology for maximum durability and tire seal on even the most punishing of technical trails. Stan's kept the weight low, but the new EX offers 14% thicker sidewalls for maximum dent resistance and a 33% thicker spoke bed for added pull-through strength. Increasing the outside width of the rim to 29.1mm and the interior width to 25.5mm allows reshaping the bead socket for an even tighter seal and allowed the internal arch to add even more stiffness to the rim's structure.

Weight: 490 grams (32 hole)
Internal/External Dimension: 25.5/29.1 mm
Drilling: 32 hole

Disc Only

Valve and rim strip are NOT included.

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Stan's ZTR Flow EX Disc Rim - 26"