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Super Record 11 Cassette 12-27

This product has been deactivated


Gear Range: 12-27
Weight: 177 g.

The Super Record™ sprocket set exploits a new frame for the two supersize titanium sprocket triplets. The strength and resistance to torsion have been increased as a result. The design of the teeth strains the chain less.

Eleven sprockets that are even more efficient despite the reduction of the thicknesses? We have succeeded. The teeth have been designed to optimize the speed and fluidity of shifting. This form reduces stress on the chain which ascends more easily onto the higher diameter sprockets. The large pinions are divided into sets of three and are mounted on a new aluminium frame. Thanks to this, rigidity increases 180% and the individual sprockets are 70% more resistant to torsion.

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Super Record 11 Cassette 12-27