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Tacx Bushido Trainer

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Sellout Risk The Tacx Bushido Trainer is Tacx's most advanced ergotrainer, allowing demanding riders to train at a high level and with scientific precision. The Bushido is completely wireless, meaning there are no messy wires that run from the roller unit to the head unit, and you don't have to plug it in. Bushido's sophisticated display unit provides all the necessary training information, such as power output, heart rate, cadence, speed and time. User-friendly menus allow you to start immediately, with 99 Catalyst training programs measuring power output, heart rate and slope (-5 to +20%). Bushido riders with a tablet can now train using the free app that is developed for the iPad. The Tacx Cycling app contains a simplified version of the Catalyst training software, the Analyser and Real Life Video to play movies. iPad users need to purchase the Wahoo Fitness Fisica Sensor Key first in order to establish the connection between the trainer and the tablet.

This Tacx Bushido trainer is being offered at SPECIAL SALE PRICING. Colorado Cyclist gift certificate promotions do not apply.

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Tacx Bushido Trainer