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Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost 240mm


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The serious cyclist will want to own the Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost. Masterpiece posts weigh approx 40 grams less than the same size Elite model post. This weight reduction was accomplished while maintaining the strength and durability expected from a Thomson Seatpost. Thomson accomplished this weight reduction by machining the seatpost all over–including the oval inner diameter. The tube and head of the Thomson seatpost are integral-machined from one single piece of high strength 7000 series aluminum. The head is not pressed or bonded in. This allows for superior strength and minimum weight, allowing higher strength at low weights. Natural ellipse bore inside tube for optimum strength to weight ratio. A long 1.614 inch (41 mm) seat rail grip length helps prevent seat rail bending from impact loads. Every component of the Thomson seatpost is 100 percent American made. This includes all fasteners and forgings. The Thomson seatpost has all parts captive and can easily be attached to a seat without disassembly. Infinite tilt adjustment minus 5° and plus 29°. Very low profile clamps–no seat interference– swivel nuts are down between the seat rails. Impact absorbing clamps - clamps, head, and assembly will spread and flex on impact to protect seat, rails, seatpost and rider. Adjustments can be made to the tilt of the seat without moving the seat forwards or backwards. Easy on seat and allows seat to survive heavy impact loads without bending rails.

Material: Aluminum
Length: 240mm
Diameter: 27.2mm
Weight: 158 g.

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Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost 240mm