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Timber Mountain Bike Bell - Bolt-on



TIMBER is the first bicycle bell designed exclusively for mountain biking. The goal was simple: awareness when you need it, and silence when you don't. The design is based on the iconic cowbell, only updated with a more modern look. A patented on/off lever controls the internal clapper. Slide it down for on, up for off. The motion of the bike activates the sound. Because the sound is passive, you communicate to other trail users a friendly, "Hey, I'm just letting you know I'm here". The advance notice gives hikers or oncoming riders time to find a safe place to move off the trail. The bell mounts on your handlebars within easy reach of your hands. The TIMBER bell fits all handlebar diameters: from standard 22.2mm all the way to 35mm DH style. Mount it near the stem for occasional use, or closer to the grips for instant shifting between silent and ring mode.

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Timber Mountain Bike Bell - Bolt-on