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Time Speciale 8 Pedals Orange



The Time Speciale 8 Pedals are made of a 6106-T6 aluminum body which is 20% more durable than other grades of aluminum, for an Enduro pedal that is built to last. A wide platform, adjustable pins for optimal grip and a micro-adjustable clamping system meets the demands of the most advanced riders. The proven ATAC engagement system allows easy clip in and a positive, predictable release as well as a design that self-cleans even in the most difficult conditions. The Speciale pedals are 100% made in Nevers, France. Cleats included.

  • Weight: 380 grams/pair.
  • Axle component: Hollow steel axle.
  • Bearings: Steel bearings.
  • Body component: Aluminium.
  • Cleats: ATAC cleats.
  • Pedal stack height: 17mm.
  • Release angle: 10° with ATAC Easy cleats, 13 or 17° with ATAC cleats.
  • Tension: Micro adjustment.
  • Threading: 9/16 - 20 inch.

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Time Speciale 8 Pedals Orange