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Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals

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Time has revolutionized clipless pedal technology and introduces its newest generation: XPRESSO. Time has increased the contact surface to improve power transfer and provide a wider pedaling platform. The aluminum plate reduces wear on the pedal and cleat, and the new carbon blade spring takes care of retention while reducing weight. Time realizes that everyone's legs are different, and have designed their pedals to adapt to biomechanical constraints. The adjustable Q-factor combined with angular (+/-5 deg) and lateral float (2.5mm) facilitate the natural movement of your joints, making this pedal not only light and efficient but also extremely comfortable to use. The Xpresso 10 Carbon feature hollow steel axles and a carbon body with 15 deg cleat release angle. Cleats included.

Weight: 95 g.

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Time Xpresso 10 Carbon Pedals