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WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle

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The WTB Rocket V SLT is an incredibly versatile saddle. It's popular from road to mountain, gravity to long distance as evidenced by it being the saddle of choice for Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill legend Steve Peat and distance champ Jay Petervary. From a two minute hair raising downhill to a 2700 mile individual time trial, the Rocket V SLT is the top choice for those pushing the sport. The WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle features an amply padded and tuned shell with a durable leather cover. The Comfort Zone channel provides all day comfort on those long rides. Abrasion resistant, 3M reflective corners.

Rail Material: Titanium
Weight: 220 g.
Length: 275mm
Width: 127mm

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WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle