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XTR M980 3 x 10 24 x 32 x 42 175mm

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Length: 175mm
Chainrings: 24 x 32 x 42
Weight: 755 g.(175mm)

BB cups included

The veritable heart of the new XTR Trail drivetrain is a trail-tuned triple-ring crank. The Shimano XTR M980 3 x 10 crankset is crowned with a carbon/titanium composite 32-tooth Primary Driving Gear; the go-to, most-used gear for the widest range of terrain, and the gear your suspension bike was designed around. Riders who would otherwise have to pull the ripcord and battle technical climbs from the trenches of their granny gear can now push farther up the trail in their 32 middle ring thanks to the increased range offered by a 36-tooth, low-end cassette gear. The granny gear is still there, you'll just need it less, and the 42-tooth big ring is more useable and easier to get into than ever before, so you'll use it more. Simply put, XTR Trail is the most efficient mountain bike drivetrain singletrack has ever seen.

Crankset Installation

Crankset Diagram

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XTR M980 3 x 10  24 x 32 x 42 175mm