FOX 38 Factory Fork 29, 160mm, 15QRx110mm, 44mm Offset Black Grip 2

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Fox 38 Factory 29" GRIP 2 160mm / 44mm Fork -2022
"Factory" says it all - feature-packed and designed to exceed the demands of Fox's Factory-level riders. Factory Series products feature slippery smooth, ultra-durable Genuine Kashima Coat. Optimized for 160mm of travel and packing the same revolutionary feature set as the new 36, the category defining Fox 38 Float Grip2 Fork is ready for the big time. The new 38 come equipped with a new quick-release lever operated patent-pending floating axle system, combining the benefit of a floating axle with the ease of a tool-free quick-release. With this system, spacing is locked in via a floating sleeve, allowing repeated front wheel removal and reinstallation while maintaining perfect fork alignment. As a fork compresses, the air volume within the lower legs decreases, increasing air pressure. The more the fork compresses, the more pressure increases. This effect can have the unintended consequence of preventing full travel from being achieved. The new lower leg channels help alleviate pressure changes by dramatically increasing air volume within the lower legs and thereby reducing the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping. Another benefit of these channels is that lower leg bath oil is circulated to the upper reaches of the lower legs, continuously lubricating the foam rings(more...)
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Brand Fox Factory
Manufacturer Part Number 910-21-024
UPC 821973419206
Color Black
Product Condition New in Box
Wheel Diameter 29"
Fork Travel 160mm
Brake Compatability Disc Brakes
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