Mountain Bike Helmets

Shop for the most versatile mountain bike helmets from the top brands. 

Mountain bike helmets are extra sturdy and focus on protecting the back and side of your head. Mountain biking is of several types, and there’s a helmet for each style – all mountain, enduro, cross-country, dirt jumping, and downhill. The type of riding you do requires a mountain bike helmet that fits its requirements. 

Broadly all mountain bike helmets can be categorized as either full-face or half-shell. The difference is evident in the names. A full-face mountain bike helmet offers complete head coverage, including the chin and face guard. The half-shell helmets provide less protection and only cover the head, down on the sides above your ears, and the back of the head. If you do dirt jumping or downhill, then a full-face mountain bike helmet is what you need, and if you are more into enduro, cross-country, or all-mountain, half-shell helmets are for you.

Whether you buy a new helmet or replace your old one, keep in mind that proper fit is essential. A mountain bike helmet cannot provide ample protection if it doesn’t sit on your head properly. Furthermore, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends replacing a bike helmet every five to 10 years. The Snell Memorial Foundation also certifies helmets for safety and recommends a five-year period before you change the helmet.

Check out mountain bike helmets available in several sizes and colors from 100%, Kask, Lazer, Leatt, POC, Endura, Bell, Troy Lee Designs, Giro, and many more.

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